The Incredible Cross-Country Skiing Career of Dario Cologna

Dario Cologna poster

Dario Cologna is an incredible athlete, who won 4 Overall World Cup titles, 4 Olympic gold medals, 4 Tour de Ski and the World Championships. He is at the peak of his career now and is, undoubtedly, one of the best cross-country skiers of today. 

Dario Cologna was born on March 11, 1986, in Santa Maria Val Mustair, Switzerland. He is the older brother of Gianluca Cologna, the Swiss skier. At the age of 5, Dario started to practice alpine skiing, but at 12, he switched to cross-country skiing. Let’s have a closer look at Dario’s career achievements.

World Championships

Dario Cologna poster

Dario Cologna poster

Cologna gained his first international medal at 2006 Junior World Championships, competing in 10 km classical. At 2007 and 2008 U23 World Ski Championships, he managed to earn three gold medals.

He debuted at the senior World Championships in 2009, where his best result was the 4th place in sprint. In 2013, the cross-country skier became the World Champion in 30 km skiathlon as well as won a silver medal in 50 km mass start. At 2015 World Championships, he became a silver medalist in skiathlon.

World Cup

Dario Cologna poster

Dario Cologna poster

Dario Cologna debuted at the World Cup in 2006 Kuusamo. He rose to his first podium in 2008 La Clusaz, being second in 30 km mass start. The same year, he got his first victory, being the best in 15 km pursuit.

In total, the cross-country skier won 26 individual World Cup races and was on the podium 70 times, winning also 27 silver and 17 bronze medals. He is a gold medalist in relay of 2010 La Clusaz as well.

Cologna was the overall World Cup winner 4 times in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015. In 2013, he was an overall bronze medalist and in 2018, he was an overall silver medalist. He gained the titles in disciplines as well. The athlete is 4-time gold and 2-time silver medalist in Distance.

Moreover, he is 2-time silver medalist of Nordic Opening, 4-time winner as well as silver and 2-time bronze medalist of Tour de Ski, 2-time gold and 2-time bronze medalist of World Cup Final.

Olympic Games

Dario Cologna poster

Dario Cologna poster

Dario Cologna was also very successful at Winter Olympic Games. He made a debut in 2010 Vancouver, winning gold in 15 km individual. In other events, he finished 13th in skiathlon, 10th in 50 km mass start and relay as well as 11th in team sprint.

At 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the skier was the best in 15 km individual and 30 km skiathlon, showing worse results in other disciplines. He was 4th in team sprint, 25th in 50 km mass start and 26th in sprint.

In 2018 PyeongChang, Dario won his third consecutive gold medal in 15 km individual, becoming the first cross-country skier who did that. Also, he finished 6th in 30 km skiathlon, 9th in 50 km mass start, 11th in relay and team sprint.

It’s evident that Dario Cologna is a very talented cross-country skier and it’s impossible to count all the victories he gained. He won all the prestigious skiing titles and isn’t going to stop.

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