2018 FIFA World Cup: Wins of Sweden, Belgium and England

Romelu Lukaku poster

On June 18, 3 matches took place at the 2018 FIFA World Cup and all of them ended with the victories of European teams. Sweden met with Korea Republic, Belgium played with Panama while England had a match with Tunisia.The first match, Sweden – Korea Republic, ended with the score 1:0 in the favor of […]

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2018 FIFA World Cup: Serbia and Mexico Gained Victories, the Match Between Brazil and Switzerland Ended with a Draw

Brazil National Football Team

On June 17, the matches between Costa Rica and Serbia, Germany and Mexico, Brazil and Switzerland took place at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.Costa Rica lost in the game against Serbia with the score 0:1. The only goal of the game was scored by Serbian defender Aleksandar Kolarov at the 56th minute. After […]

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2018 FIFA World Cup: Wins of France, Croatia and Denmark, the Draw Between Argentina and Iceland

Sergio Aguero poster

On June 16, 4 matches took place at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia: France vs. Australia, Argentina vs. Iceland, Peru vs. Denmark and Croatia vs. Nigeria.The match between France and Australia ended up with the score 2:1 in favor of France. After scoring no goals in the first period, the second part of […]

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2018 FIFA World Cup: Wins of Uruguay and Iran, the Draw Between Portugal and Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo poster

On June 15, the second day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, three matches were played. Egypt played against Uruguay, Morocco played against Iran and, in the final match of the day, Portugal and Spain met.The first match of the day between Egypt and Uruguay ended up with the victory of the latter with the […]

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2018 FIFA World Cup: Russia Wins in the First Game of the World Cup

Russia National Football Team poster

The first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup finished with a plenty of goals. The team of Russia gained its first victory at the competition in the game against Saudi Arabia with the score 5:0. It’s a great start for the hosts as they scored 5 goals and didn’t skip any goal. In such […]

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15 Hockey Posters Every NHL Fan Would Like to Have

Drew Doughty

The National Hockey League is the strongest professional ice hockey league in the world. Every hockey player dreams about playing in one of its teams while all the hockey fans around the world dream about visiting NHL games.Have you already got some hockey posters? If not, have a look at the following selection of the […]

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Top 15 Best Basketball Posters

Chris Paul poster

It’s impossible to describe how popular basketball in America is. Though it’s one of the most widespread kinds of sports in the world, no country has such a spectacular league as NBA. The NBA players are known around the world and are among the richest athletes in the world.Let’s have a look at 15 coolest […]

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Golf Posters: 10 Fantastic Prints of Famous Golf Players

Justin Thomas

Golf is considered as one of elite kinds of sports. It is a hobby of many famous and rich people, who can’t stand the opportunity to play this club-and-ball game. However, at the professional level, golf is something even more exciting. Being invented in Scotland of the 15th century, golf remains one of the most […]

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10 Most Inspiring Boxing Posters of the Legendary Fighters

Muhammad Ali poster

Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports in the world. The first boxing competitions were held already in the ancient times and remain extremely popular today. Though many people consider this kind of sports too fierce, many young people got engaged in it every day. If you do boxing or are simply a […]

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Baseball Posters: The Most Popular Prints of Baseball Players

Max Scherzer poster

​Baseball is one of the most popular kinds of sports in the United States as well as Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean and East Asia. It became the national sport in America in the end of 19th century, previously being brought to the continent by English immigrants. And since then, baseball gathers lots […]

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