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Beyoncé’s Mom Put Her Daughters in Counseling as Kids: “Beyoncé Was Really Irritated”

Beyoncé and Solange weren’t always as close as we’ve known them to be.Tina Lawson (formerly Tina Knowles) sat down with Maria Shriver for a candid Facebook discussion on Friday and revealed the talented siblings went to counseling as kids.”I took them to counseling so that, very early, the counselor could help Beyoncé be more sensitive […]

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18 Adorable Photos of Beyoncé and Tina Lawson That Will Make You Call Your Mom Asap

Beyoncé and Tina Lawson (formerly Tina Knowles) have an unbreakable bond.In 2015, Tina penned a heartfelt letter to her daughter, calling the 36-year-old singer “compassionate, kind, and generous,” adding, “Yes, you are a huge star, but you have somehow managed to stay grounded and humble in the wake of all your success.” The adorable duo […]

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The Controversial Met Gala Dresses We Can’t Stop Talking About

Here’s the thing about Met Gala fashion: It’s meant to provoke discussion.The over-the-top custom creations are designed to bring awareness to the year’s specific theme along with featuring the designer and celebrity’s aesthetics.The look, no matter how revealing, unexpected or seemingly odd it may be, is designed to create dialogue.And, boy, do people have opinions.In […]

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Beyoncé Reunites With Destiny’s Child Again and Debuts New Looks at 2nd Coachella Show

Beyoncé mixed some things up but still brought out some welcome familiar faces during her second Coachella show.The singer once again brought out Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for a Destiny’s Child reunion onstage on Saturday.The trio performed the same medley as they did at Bey’s first Coachella show last weekend—which included the songs “Lose […]

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Beyoncé Takes Over Coachella! Everything You Need to Know

Who runs the world? Beyoncé!  Coachella weekend one was a success and it was largely due to Beyoncé’s incredible performance.Not only did the singer perform an almost two hour set, but she also brought up her old Destiny’s Child group members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.Plus, made it a family event with sister Solange.  It’s clear […]

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