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Charlamagne Tha God Says Trump Apologizing To CP5 Would Only Help Himself

Charlamagne Tha God thinks Donald Trump doesn’t need to apologize to the wrongfully convicted Central Park 5 …he says Trump already made his bed, and now he needs to sleep in it forever.We got Charlamagne in NYC Thursday and asked him if Trump should say sorry for infamously taking out a huge newspaper ad calling […]

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Stephen Colbert And Trevor Noah Take Shots At Donald Trump’s U.K. Visit

Donald Trump made his big trip to the U.K.recently and provided plenty of material for America’s late-night comics.On Global’s “The Late Show”, host Stephen Colbert put together a parody of Trump’s joint press conference with U.K.Prime Minister Theresa May using real footage of Trump’s answers intercut with fake questions.Related: Andy CohenRead full article

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Donald Trump Responds to Meghan Markle’s Criticism: “I Didn’t Know That She Was Nasty”

Donald Trump is set to visit the United Kingdom next week and have meetings with members of the royal family.Meghan Markle, who is on maternity leave after welcoming her and husband Prince Harry’s son Archie, is expected to sit those out.The 37-year-old California-born Duchess of Sussex and former actress is no fan of the Republican President, or at least wasn’t just before […]

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Howard Stern Tells Anderson Cooper That He Still Thinks Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Was ‘Publicity Stunt’

Howard Stern still thinks Donald Trump’s presidency is a joke.The radio host sat down with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°” and slammed the U.S.President, calling his presidential campaign a “publicity stunt.” Related: Howard Stern Asks Whoopi Goldberg If She’s ‘Anti-Rosie O’Donnell’ On ‘The View’ “Well, first of all, it’s unbelievable to me,” heRead […]

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Donald Trump Calls Jussie Smollett ‘3rd Rate Actor,’ Says Case a ‘Disgrace’

Donald Trump unloaded on Jussie Smollett and Chicago prosecutors who dropped criminal charges against him …essentially calling Jussie a loser.Trump riled up his base Saturday night at a Wisconsin rally and talked about his perceived mission to make America great again.Other than a tweet, it’s been awhile since the Prez has ferociously taken aim at […]

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Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Criticism Over Working With Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian has heard people’s criticism of her working with Donald Trump and she doesn’t care about it, because she wants to save lives.Last June, the Republican U.S.leader, who is deeply unpopular in her home state of California, commuted the life sentence of Alice Johnson, who had been serving time in prison since 1996 for a first-time drug offense.He granted […]

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Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen and Ariana Grande Among Time’s 100 Most Influential People for 2019

Time released its 2019 list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World on Wednesday, and fans definitely recognized a few familiar faces.Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen, Ariana Grande, Emilia Clarke, Lady Gaga, Brie Larson, Dwayne Johnson, Sandra Oh, Regina King and Bts were just a few of the superstars to make the coveted list.Mahershala […]

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Lapd Watching Michael Jackson’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Like a Hawk

“Leaving Neverland” is pissing off Michael Jackson fans and detractors so much …cops are now paying extra close attention to the singer’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Law enforcement tells TMZ …the heated controversy surrounding ‘Neverland’ isn’t lost on officers in Hollywood.We’re told Lapd is doing extra patrols in the area — just as they did […]

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