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Kanye West Vows to Get Taylor Swift’s Masters Back in Latest Twitter Spree

Another shock for 2020: Kanye West is siding with Taylor Swift.Despite his infamous feud with Swift, West seems to be trying to mend the fence once again.The latest string of tweets from the rapper declare—in all caps, mind you—that he is vowing to get Swift her masters back.West tweeted on Friday, Sept.18, “I’m Going To […]

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Kanye West Appears to Pee on Grammy After Tweeting About Battle Over Music Ownership

Kanye West isn’t happy with the music industry.On Wednesday, Sept.16, the 43-year-old rapper shared numerous tweets about music ownership and recording contracts before posting a video that appeared to show himself peeing on one of his 21 Grammys.”Trust me …I Wont Stop,” West wrote alongside the clip.Over the past few days, West has shared several […]

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Kanye West on Race, Mental Health & More: 8 Highlights From Part 2 of Nick Cannon’s Podcast

Kanye West has more to say.The Yeezy designer opened up about everything from his relationship with God to the Taylor Swift-VMAs controversy on last week’s episode of Nick Cannon’s podcast—which the actor and musician dubbed “part 1” of “one of the most open interviews” Cannon’s Class has ever seen—and now, part 2 is here.In an […]

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See Kanye West and His Kids “Walk on Water” at Sunday Service in Georgia

Sunday Service is back in session! Kanye West made a major comeback with his weekly event on Sept.6.The 43-year-old rapper and presidential hopeful held his Sunday Service in Fayetteville, Ga.with guests that included his wife, Kim Kardashian, their kids, pastor Joel Osteen and many others.Unlike previous Sunday Services, Kanye took this one to the next […]

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Watch Kim Kardashian Give Birth to Kylie Jenner in Leaked Kanye West Video

Seeing double! Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian look completely unrecognizable in a newly leaked Kanye West music video.On Wednesday, Sept.2, Eli Russell Linnetz, who directed the video, surprise dropped the official footage on YouTube.The music video for Kanye and Tyga’s 2017 track “Feel Me” hasn’t seen the light of day, until now.At this time, it’s unclear why the nearly three-year-old clip is just now […]

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The True Meaning Behind Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s Racy Cameos in Kanye West’s “Feel Me” Video

If you were confused by the end of Kanye West’s leaked music video for “Feel Me,” featuring Tyga, look no further.  Director Eli Russell Linnetz, who directed the video as well as Kanye’s “Famous” and “Fade” videos, exclusively told E! News that the shot of Kylie Jenner seemingly walking out of Kim Kardashian’s nether-region is symbolic of her rise to fame.”It features Kylie […]

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8 Kanye West Bombshells From Nick Cannon’s Podcast Cannon’s Class

Kanye West sat down with Nick Cannon for the latest episode of his podcast Cannon’s Class, and throughout the 44-minute conversation, the two discussed everything from the Taylor Swift-VMAs controversy to his 2016 hospitalization.The rapper also discussed his ongoing presidential campaign, including the origins of his own political banner “the Birthday Party” and one of the issues […]

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