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Emma Thompson’s Emotional Reaction to Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette Is So Relatable

Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix comedy special, Nanette, is a study in vulnerability, which many have described as “a masterpiece,” so it comes as little surprise that Emma Thompson is a fan.Hannah candidly discussed her meeting with the legendary actress on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, admitting that at first, she wasn’t all […]

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Ashley Judd’s Lawyer Finds Harvey Weinstein’s Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit “Offensive”

Harvey Weinstein has filed a request to dismiss Ashley Judd’s defamation and sexual harassment lawsuit against him, while her attorney calls the arguments made in it “offensive.”  The actress, one of the first of more than 70 women to accuse the disgraced producer of sexual misconduct since October, sued the disgraced producer in April, claiming that in 1998, she was in talks […]

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Mira Sorvino Says Casting Director Once Gagged Her with a Condom

Mira Sorvino just revealed a shockingly disgusting story about a casting director who she says scared the crap outta her for a role …by gagging her with a condom when she was 16.She dropped the bombshell Wednesday during the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s “HFPA In Conversation” podcast.She says it was one of her very first auditions […]

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Suzanne Somers Defends Morgan Freeman, Hopes #MeToo Finds ‘Nice Medium’ (Video)

Suzanne Somers defended Morgan Freeman on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday night, calling the actor a “big flirt” and said also hoped that there would be a “nice medium” for the #MeToo movement.“Is everyone afraid to hug each other now?,” host Laura Ingraham asked Somers of #MeToo.Somers responded by saying that she understood the accusations against […]

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Terry Crews Says He Won’t Be in ‘Expendables 4’ After Producer Threatened Retaliation Over Sex Assault Allegations

In October of last year, Terry Crews took to Twitter to share his own experience with sexual misconduct in the industry.The NFL-athlete-turned-actor revealed in a 16-part thread that he was groped by a Hollywood executive at a function in Los Angeles in 2016.Crews said all the allegations emerging against Harvey Weinstein was “giving [him] PTSD.” […]

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Sandra Bullock Asked to Be Fired From a Movie After a ‘Person of Authority’ Made Unwanted Advances

In a recently published interview with the Sunday Times, Sandra Bullock revealed that she, too, was a victim of unwanted advances on a film set at the outset of her career.Bullock alleged that she requested to be fired from the film after a “person of authority” pursued her.“Very early on in my career I had […]

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Rose McGowan Celebrates Harvey Weinstein’s Downfall on the Finale of Citizen Rose: “We Win”

Rose McGowan has a lot to celebrate.In tonight’s finale of Citizen Rose, the activist rejoices in the news that Harvey Weinstein’s The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy, releasing many of his victims from the non-disclosure agreements that kept them silent for so long.”Since the articles came out, I was under a tremendous amount of stress to keep him down,” McGowan said.”His […]

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Annabella Sciorra Tweets She Has “No Relief” From Harvey Weinstein Arrest

Emmy-nominated actress Annabella Sciorra said via Twitter today that she received “no relief” from movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s arrest, saying he should be behind bars instead of out on bail.Sciorra has accused Weinstein of raping her.“If there was truly ‘equal justice under the law’, Harvey Weinstein would be behind bars in Rikers today, waiting for […]

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