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American Horror Story: If Michael’s Not The Antichrist, Who Is He?

There have only been a few points that have seemed like sure things throughout American Horror Story: Apocalypse.One of those facts that the season has relied upon has been that Michael Langdon, the apparently indestructible supernatural being, is the Antichrist: the descendant of Satan come to usher in the apocalypse and finish off humanity.He’s been […]

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American Horror Story: If This Is True, Michael Isn’t the Antichrist and We’ve All Been Had

As American Horror Story: Apocalypse nears its conclusion, it seems like we’re finally going to get the confrontation we’ve been waiting all season for: the showdown between the last witches defending humanity and Michael Langdon, the powerful Antichrist.We’ve been assuming, since way back on Murder House, that Michael is indeed the Antichrist, born of a […]

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This Theory About Outpost 3 on American Horror Story Is Pure Genius

As American Horror Story: Apocalypse progresses, it seems like it’s going to be almost impossible to stop the Antichrist, otherwise known as Michael Langdon (though not entirely impossible).With the witches of Coven reunited – and with a couple of new members with interesting and possibly useful powers – they seem like the world’s best chance […]

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Prepare For Judgment, Because Papa Legba Is Returning to American Horror Story

As American Horror Story: Apocalypse continues, it seems more and more like the mythology and characters of Coven are going to be the keys to however the story ends up resolving.We’ve already seen the return of several Coven faves, including the rescue of Queenie by the Antichrist Michael and the gradual weakening of the Supreme, […]

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Here’s What – or Who – Could Be Causing Cordelia’s Weakness on American Horror Story

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over several seasons of American Horror Story, it’s how quickly the power balance can shift.Cordelia Goode emerges from the Coven season as the Supreme witch and as one of the most powerful beings in the Ahs universe, but as her story has continued to unfold on Apocalypse, we’re starting […]

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There’s Only One Person Michael Has Been Scared of on Ahs: Apocalypse – Here’s Why

The latest season of American Horror Story has us asking three new questions for every one the show answers.Each Apocalypse episode contains a mystery to unpack, though whether or not we’ll actually solve those mysteries is debatable.While there are several characters that have us still wondering what’s what – exactly how old is Michael Langdon […]

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