Here’s What – or Who – Could Be Causing Cordelia’s Weakness on American Horror Story

If there's one thing we've learned over several seasons of American Horror Story, it's how quickly the power balance can shift.

Cordelia Goode emerges from the Coven season as the Supreme witch and as one of the most powerful beings in the Ahs universe, but as her story has continued to unfold on Apocalypse, we're starting to get worried.

As the power of Michael Langdon, the Antichrist and possible Alpha warlock, continues to grow, Cordelia's powers are waning.

What's going on with her?Cordelia has alluded to her growing weakness only in passing, but it's pretty significant - she is the Supreme, after all.

Onscreen, she's only confessed that something is wrong once, telling Myrtle that she knows her power is waning and that she's willing to step aside and let the warlocks take the reins if it means saving humanity.

The only physical sign of her illness or weakness

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