You’ll Very Much Relate to This Baby Trying Ice Cream For the First Time

We all scream for ice cream!  Do you remember the first time you had a taste of a scoop of ice cream? Probably not, but thanks to the power of Tik Tok, Nine-month-old Blakely will never forget her first sweet treat. A sweet video of the little girl went viral on the app after showcasing her eating a taste of ice cream before grabbing the entire cone with her hands.

Talk about totally relatable content!  "I honestly have no idea [why I started recording].

I never do stuff like that," Blakely's mom Brittani Jernigan told Today.

"My husband was giving her bites, so her back was to me, but I heard him laughing at her faces, and he gave her a lick of the ice cream.

I was like, 'Turn...

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