Why the New Unsolved Mysteries Made Some Big Changes to the Beloved Series

For many, the appearance of Robert Stack, clad a trench coat, on a fog-filled soundstage could only mean one thing: They were home sick from school and watching an Unsolved Mysteries marathon, certain a mysterious fate was about to befall them in the middle of the day.

Terry Dunn Meurer, co-creator of Unsolved Mysteries, has heard that scenario many times before.

"We have, actually, including from my children," Meurer laughed.

The series, which ran on and off and across a variety of networks including NBC, CBS and Lifetime from 1987-2010, is back with a new season on Netflix.

Meurer, who co-created the series with John Cosgrove, returned to executive produce the 12 new episodes for the streamer alongside...

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