The Bachelorette Reveals Tayshia’s Final 7 Men, Sort Of

And then there were seven.

Ish.  The end of the strangest Bachelorette season ever is already on its way, and Tayshia Adams is no longer wasting any time in keeping guys she sees no future with.

Last week, it was Eazy.

This week, Bennett got the boot after the pre-rose ceremony two-on-one went horribly, horribly wrong for him.

Spencer, Ed and Demar all followed during a rose ceremony, with Noah narrowly scraping by with the last rose.

That appeared to leave just seven men remaining in play for Tayshia's heart: Ben, Brendan, Zac, Riley, Noah, Ivan and Blake.  It was a good seven.

A practical, understandable seven.

Sure, we wouldn't have been mad if Demar stayed and we still...

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