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Outlander: Will Roger Time Travel Back to the 1970s? Let’s Discuss That Cliffhanger

The latest episode of Outlander, “The Deep Heart’s Core,” ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger.Luckily we’ve got the scoop from executive producer Maril Davis about how it might not turn out the way viewers are expecting.Read on to find out what she teased for us about next week, but warning: spoilers for episode 10 ahead!Related: Outlander’s […]

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Outlander: The Tragic Reason Behind Frank’s Unexpected Season 4 Cameo

Warning: Spoilers for Outlander season four below!The latest Outlander episode, titled “Down the Rabbit Hole,” sees the return of a couple of familiar faces in Tobias Menzies’s Frank and Nell Hudson’s Laoghaire, which may have come as a bit of a surprise – even to book readers, in Frank’s case.But executive producer Maril Davis tells […]

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