Paris Hilton and Jojo Siwa Reveal Their Epic Makeovers After Transforming Into Each Other

Jojo Siwa and Paris Hilton have completely unique styles—and they couldn't be more different! Sometimes, though, change is good—which may be why the social media superstars decided to swap styles for the day.

The rainbow and candy loving Jojo, who rose to fame on Dance Moms and now boasts nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube, took to TikTok and Instagram on Saturday, Sept.

26 to show off her and Paris' new looks.

"Sister life swap!" Jojo teased.

"First day in heels....

feelin like a 'boss babe.'" Even though Jojo was channeling Paris, she still managed to don one of her signature bows.

Paris, for her part, wore a colorful...

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