Joaquin Phoenix Asks Florida Park to Transfer Bears Used for Disney Film to Sanctuary

Oscar winner and vocal animal activist Joaquin Phoenix has called out the Bearadise Ranch, a Myakka City location in Florida that bills itself as a preserve, asking the facility to free two bears that inspired the 2003 Disney film “Brother Bear.” Phoenix lent his voice to the animated film, which features the likenesses of the bears Bruno and Bambi.

As obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Phoenix has called upon the park to retire them from show business, and transfer them to an animal sanctuary, in a letter.“These bears deserve better than a life on the road, where they are robbed of everything that’s natural and important to them, and if you put yourself in their place, I’m sure you’d see that, too,” wrote Phoenix in the letter.

“You know firsthand that bears are curious, complex animals who love to climb, dig, forage, and play.

Their acute sense

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