You’re Not Alone: Sarah Paulson Is Also “Terrified” For the Release of Netflix’s Ratched

If the trailer for Ryan Murphy's latest Netflix production, Ratched, had you folding a blanket over your eyes, it's understandable.  The new thriller, which premieres Friday, Sept.

18, tells the story of wicked Nurse Ratched, originally played by Louise Fletcher in 1975's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (and the novel of the same name).

For this eight-episode run, Sarah Paulson steps into the titular role stylishly and, because it's Paulson, with bravado.

But it's not the jump-out-of-your seat carnage that has her apprehensive about the series. Instead, she's nervous for fan reactions since she took a risk and slipped on her executive producer shoes.


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