You’ll Never Believe What Anne Hathaway’s Son Thinks She Does For a Living

Catching up with Anne Hathaway.

On Friday, Oct.

30's Daily Pop, E!'s Justin Sylvester caught up with The Witches actress, including plenty of behind-the-scenes details about the HBO Max film.

As E! readers surely know, Anne portrays the Grand High Witch in the 2020 The Witches remake, a role made famous by Anjelica Huston.

What you may not have realized is that The Princess Diaries star was pregnant while filming this movie.

And, per the Oscar-winner, her pregnancy helped her get into character.

"I have to say the hormonal surges worked to my advantage in this performance," she explained.

"Because those were the days where I was like, 'I think she's a little angry at this point....

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