You May Be Surprised to Find Out Which 10 Celebs Rule Snapchat

Of all the social media platforms out there, Snapchat is probably the least intuitive and the most intimate.

Celeb accounts can give you a glimpse at everything from meals to closets to hangouts with other celebs - all in real time.

But even if you've tracked down your favorite public figures' handles and finally figured out the Snapchat lingo, so much else will always remain a mystery.

Unlike Twitter and Instagram, there are no verified accounts, no archived data, no profile information, no "likes," and - most notably - no brag-worthy follower count.Lucky for us, Snapdex keeps an updated rank of the most popular celebrities on Snapchat using multiple metrics to determine where user engagement is the highest.

Using its algorithm for help, we've rounded up the 10 most popular celebrities on Snapchat and the type of content they deliver.

Kylie Jenner may be known as the reigning queen of Snapchat,

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