Yosef Aborady Calls Clare Crawley “Classless” in Shocking Bachelorette Confrontation

If Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelorette gave you flashbacks to Juan Pablo Galavis' disastrous breakup with Clare Crawley, you're not alone.

Bachelorette fans' jaws literally dropped when Yosef Aborady confronted Clare over her apparent "classless display" on the reality show.

To start, he pulled her aside to complain about "missing out on time" with his daughter, something that Clare said she understood, telling him, "Honestly I get it.

My mom is dying." But Yosef wasn't done talking.

He told her, "Let me continue." He went on to address her speech on the first date, calling it "really disrespectful." But again, that's not...

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