We’ve Officially Found the Most Important American Horror Story Theory Yet

Past seasons of American Horror Story have definitely been full of intense supernatural beings.

There have been vengeful ghosts, all-powerful witches, vampires, and more.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse has managed to make all of these seems like small potatoes with a mysterious apocalypse that wipes out most of humankind, a potential "chosen one," and the literal Antichrist.

Out of all the characters, the most unassuming at first seemed to be Mallory, a mousy assistant who lucks into being spared from the apocalypse.

But in recent weeks, we've learned that she's actually a powerful witch whose memories are suppressed - and Reddit user marineaqua suggests that she might not just be magical, but full-on divine.My reaching theory about Mallory [Possible Spoilers] from r/AmericanHorrorStoryThat's right: this theory suggests that Mallory is actually the Ahs universe's version of God, or, more specifically, the second coming of Christ.

The originator on Reddit suggests

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