Watch Randall Learn That Tom Hanks Has Covid-19 in the This Is Us Premiere

Oh, to be back in March 2020.  This Is Us returns for season five this week, and before the show can catch up to the Big Three's tense 40th birthday in August, it's got to do a little backtracking to explain how the world completely flipped on its head in the time since the season four finale.

E! News has an exclusive first look at a scene in which Randall's (Sterling K.

Brown) family is beginning to grapple with just how serious the coronavirus pandemic is.

Deja (Lyric Ross) seems to be the one who's most on top of it, even if the facts were a little iffy back then.  "My friend Daphne says if you touch your face you automatically get it," Annie (Faithe C.

Herman) tells her...

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