Watch Miley Cyrus Send a Warning to Her “Future Ex-Husband” With “Maneater” Cover

Miley Cyrus has a message for her "future ex-husband."  The 27-year-old singer performed a cover of Hall & Oates' "Maneater" during the Sept.

10 episode of The Tonight Show.

Before Cyrus took the stage, Jimmy Fallon asked her why she chose to sing that song.

"So 'Maneater,' I think it's very important to be transparent," she said.

"So, I'm freshly single.

So anyone watching that's my future ex-husband, just know I told you."  Fallon then jokingly agreed the future ex couldn't be surprised after hearing Cyrus' rendition.  "Just wear it all out in the open.

There's no skeletons in the closet," the...

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