This Is the One Item Hailey Bieber Hopes Her Future Kids Steal From Her Closet

Is Hailey Bieber already eyeing must-have clothes for her future kids? Well… In a "7 Days, 7 Looks" segment for Vogue, the model walked viewers through what she wears in a week, which she starts off with sweatpants and sweatshirt for a "cozy, comfy, athleisure look," paired with Nike Sb's and a heavy overcoat.

Tuesday delivered an "all black everything" vibe complete with a cashmere Bottega Veneta sweater, a piece Hailey knows she'll still have in another 20 years because "it's never going to go out of style." The 23-year-old even said she's cool with her future kids with husband Justin Bieber's future children stealing and wearing the chic top...

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