The One Rule Ashley Graham Has When It Comes to Giving Advice to Her “Mommy Friends”

Even Ashley Graham has noticed how many models became new moms during the pandemic!  The 33-year-old runway star welcomed her first son, Isaac, in January 2020 before the global lockdown began.

Since then, Iskra Lawrence became a mom in April 2020, Gigi Hadid gave birth to Khai in September 2020, Emily Ratajkowski had baby Sylvester in March 2021 and Karlie Kloss gave birth to Levi in March 2021 as well.  "It's amazing how many mommy friends I have now," Ashley tells E! News in an exclusive interview.

"They just appeared." She knows first-hand how nice it can be to "have friends around that you know you can call on a whim, whenever...

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