The Crown Returns for Season 3: What You Need to Know About the New Cast

The queen is back on Netflix.

The Crown returns for its third season on Sunday, Nov.

17 with a completely new cast.

Gone are Claire Foy, Vanessa Kirby and Matt Smith, in are Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter and Tobias Menzies.

Colman and Co.

will be the royals for seasons three and four as the series continues to tell the tales of Queen Elizabeth II's reign in the United Kingdom.

Series creator Peter Morgan said he wasn't worried about the new cast taking over the roles in the Emmy-winning series.

"I had no doubts that Olivia could do it.

She's amazing to watch and the new cast didn't bother me, it was how to make the new cast feel like it was the same show.

I just wanted to feel like it was...

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