Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd Reveals Fiancé’s Tattoo Tribute to Her Daughter Ryder

This is going to leave a mark on Cheyenne Floyd's heart.

On Sunday, Dec.

19, the Teen Mom Og star took to social media and revealed that her fiancé, Zach Davis, received a new tattoo on his hand.

This ink job, however, wasn't just any other design.

Instead, Zach wanted to feature a portrait of his 4-year-old stepdaughter Ryder.  "You never cease to amaze me @z.terrel," Cheyenne wrote on Instagram before giving credit to tattoo artist Chris Booker.

"I'm so blessed to have a man that not only loves me but loves my daughter as his own." Fans couldn't help but comment and gush over how thoughtful the gesture was.

Former co-star Bristol...

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