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The 40-Year-Old Virgin Is 15, So We Went Long on Secrets About Judd Apatow’s Directorial Debut

It’s hard to remember a time when the Judd Apatow crowd wasn’t cranking out movies at a rapid clip.But it’s only—or already?—been 15 years since he made his feature directorial debut with The 40-Year-Old Virgin, the title alone raising eyebrows before the first hair had been ripped from Steve Carell’s chest.Not that Apatow hadn’t been […]

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Space Force’s New Trailer Shows You Steve Carell Is Much More Than Michael Scott

From the people brought you The Office comes: Space Force.Steve Carell suits up for service as Mark R.Naird in the new comedy he co-created with Greg Daniels.You got to know him as Michael Scott, but when you see him in Space Force you’ll see a whole new side of Carell.”Space is hard,” Mark Naird says […]

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Michael Scott No More! Space Force Trailer Introduces Steve Carell’s Mark Naird

Steve Carell is back with Space Force, a new Netflix comedy he co-created with The Office creator Greg Daniels, and it all happened in such an unusual way according to the Oscar nominee.The new series follows Carell as Mark R.Naird, a decorated pilot with dreams of heading up the Air Force, but those dreams are […]

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The Real Reason Why The Office Gave Steve Carell’s Michael Scott a Makeover After Season 1

Something happened between the first and second seasons of The Office in 2005.When Steve Carell went off to film The 40-Year-Old Virgin, he came back to Dunder Mifflin looking a tad different.And thus Michael Scott’s never spoken about makeover happened.”The summer that he was going to film The 40-Year-Old Virgin, he got in crazy amazing […]

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Jennifer Aniston Might Have Inspired This Co-Star To Finally Join Instagram

The Instagram bug is spreading all over Hollywood! Jennifer Aniston shocked the world last month when she joined the social media site.And, weeks later, her move was quickly followed by Matthew McConaughey.Now, it appears that Jen has inspired her Morning Show co-star Steve Carell to create an account.At least, if Ellen DeGeneres gets her way.”You’re […]

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The Office Boss Doesn’t Want to Disappoint Fans With a Revival

The Office, which ended its nine-season run in 2013, is one of the most popular shows on streaming today.The comedy created by Greg Daniels had a sprawling ensemble cast, including Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Bj Novak, Mindy Kaling, Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper, is said to routinely be one of the […]

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Jennifer Aniston Says Harvey Weinstein Tried “Bullying” Her Into Wearing Marchesa

In her new drama The Morning Show, Jennifer Aniston plays a TV anchor who experiences a shake-up after her co-host (played by Steve Carell) is fired over sexual misconduct allegations.According to Variety, the show originally focused on the competitive world of morning TV but changed direction after Matt Lauer was fired from Today in 2017.Still, Aniston insisted Carell’s character […]

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The Morning Show Trailer Has It All, From Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Facing Off to Steve Carell’s Breakdown

After two years of hearing about it, it’s finally here, your first full look at Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston’s Apple TV show, The Morning Show.Just a week after a teaser trailer took viewers on a cursory tour of the series, Apple TV+ has finally revealed a trailer complete with footage of Witherspoon, Aniston and […]

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