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Kristen Stewart Bears a Striking Resemblance to Princess Diana in New Spencer Photos

Her days as Bella Swan are long gone, because Kristen Stewart has moved on from the Cullens to the crown.  New photos from the set of Kristen’s next movie, Spencer, underscore her uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana, whom she plays in the upcoming royal film.Released on Thursday, Feb.25, the photos show that the 30-year-old actress can totally pull off […]

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Check Out the Most Surprising Celeb Transformations of the Week

They do say an actor can get lost in a role.  This week, Twilight fans and royal watchers alike were stunned when the first photo of Kristen Stewart in character as Princess Diana for the upcoming film Spencer was released and the resemblance proved to be rather remarkable.And Stewart wasn’t the only star to transform for a part as […]

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All of the Actresses Who’ve Played the Inimitable Princess Diana Through the Years

Certain towering public figures have had their stories told numerous times in movies, TV and theater.Such is what tends to happen when a person leads a life of great import, someone who changed history, who is complex or, at times, downright inscrutable.Princess Diana, who died when she was only 36, checked all of those boxes.She’s […]

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Remembering the Massive Bombshells From Princess Diana’s Intense 1995 BBC Interview

Why so much ado about an interview given in 1995, by a person who died less than two years later? For starters, it was no ordinary interview.Whenever Princess Diana spoke, the world took notice—and her sit-down with journalist Martin Bashir that aired on the BBC’s Panorama 25 years ago was so packed with candid, eye-opening […]

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Why The Crown Fans Think Clarence House Turned Off Twitter Comments on Camilla Post

Fans think there’s a Netflix-related reason Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, turned off comments on their official Clarence House Twitter account.Eagle-eyed followers noticed only people who the Clarence House account mentions or follows can reply to their recent tweets.The reason, it seems, may have to do with earlier responses from Twitter users who […]

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Prince Harry Thinks Controversy Surrounding Princess Diana Interview Investigation Is “Horrid”: Source

Prince Harry may live on the other side of the Atlantic ocean now, but that doesn’t mean he’s not supportive of Prince William or the investigation into Princess Diana’s controversial interview with Martin Bashir.A source close to Prince Harry is responding to recent tabloid reports that accuse the royal of failing to support his brother and protect their late mother’s legacy.The source tells E! […]

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Emma Corrin Reacts to Backlash Over Portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown

Emma Corrin hopes that The Crown viewers can appreciate the show for what it is.The 24-year-old actress was a guest on Tamron Hall on Monday, Nov.16, to discuss her role as Princess Diana on the newly released fourth season of the Emmy-winning Netflix series.During the appearance, the host asked Corrin about recent reports that the […]

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Prince William Reacts to BBC Investigation Into Infamous Princess Diana Interview

Prince William is weighing in after a BBC reporter was accused of forging documents in order to secure an explosive interview with Princess Diana in 1995.  Journalist Martin Bashir allegedly used fake bank statements to persuade Diana to agree to be interviewed for BBC Panorama.The accusations caused the media organization to hire independent investigators to “get to the […]

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‘The Crown’ Star Emma Corrin Reveals Her Strange And Hilarious Connection To Harry Styles

Fans all over the world are now seeing Emma Corrin dazzle as Lady Diana Spencer (a.k.a.Princess Diana) on season 4 of “The Crown”, but in real life, the 24-year-old British actress also has some glamorous connections.Corrin appeared on Tuesday’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where she revealed that singer Harry Styles has close ties […]

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