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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Brings Back Another Beloved Character In Emotional Reunion

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Thursday’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”.Meredith Grey had an emotional reunion with one the most beloved characters from “Grey’s Anatomy”.Prior to Thursday’s episode, it was teased that “another person from Meredith’s past returns” after Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy shocker, and the ABC medical drama wasn’t playing around […]

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Ellen Pompeo Teases “Really Really Special Episode” Ahead of Another Major Character Return

It’s a good time to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan.The season 17 premiere brought fans the biggest surprise we’ve had in years in the form of Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, five whole years after his death.It was like a shot of adrenaline right when we needed it the most, even as the rest of […]

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Ellen Pompeo Shares Izzie Gif Before Grey’s Anatomy’s Next Reveal and Fans Are Here for It

Ellen Pompeo sent pulses racing among Grey’s Anatomy fans with a simple Gif, ahead of a second major surprise reveal on the show. Is you-know-who coming back? Last week, Grey’s Anatomy’s season 17 premiere featured the return of original cast member Patrick Dempsey as the late Derek Shepherd, who reunited with her character, Meredith Grey, in a dream sequence.As if that weren’t shocking […]

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reveals Another Major Return In Season 17: Who Could It Be?

McDreamy wasn’t the only “Grey’s Anatomy” surprise.With Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) bout with coronavirus worsening by the minute, the next episode, titled “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, reveals that Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) isn’t the only one from her past to pay a visit in her beachside dreamscape.As her life hangs in the balance (literally), a […]

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Grey’s Anatomy Promises Another Surprise Return As Meredith Fights For Her Life

Well that was not quite the follow-up we were anticipating.  Grey’s Anatomy continued its MerDer reunion this week, but only sort of, and mostly only at the very end.The actual most interesting thing that happened in this episode ended up happening in the promo, which promised “another person from her past returns” in the next episode.They […]

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Grey’s Anatomy Is Not Done Blowing Your Mind After That Patrick Dempsey Surprise

If you were excited by last week’s Grey’s Anatomy twist, imagine how it must have felt to have written it.Patrick Dempsey’s shocking return to the long-running ABC drama was even a surprise to some cast and crew, meaning some people were keeping a massive secret for a very long time.While it was a surprise masterminded […]

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Patrick Dempsey Teases How Long His Grey’s Anatomy Return Will Last

Want more Patrick Dempsey? Well, you’re in luck.Less than a week after he shocked Grey’s Anatomy fans by returning for the season 17 premiere, the 54-year-old actor appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and teased whether he’d be making any future appearances on the medical drama.When Ellen DeGeneres asked the star how many more episodes he’ll […]

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Let Us Give Thanks For Sterling K. Brown’s This Is Us Strip Tease

A lot of things may suck right now, but not all the things.Some things—especially some things on television—are very, very good.While Grey’s Anatomy is out here giving us Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy, This Is Us has Randall (Sterling K.Brown) doing a full-on strip tease.Sure, it was a mortifying moment that came at the end of […]

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