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Katherine Johnson Dies at 101: Nasa Pays Tribute to Legendary Mathematician

Mathematician Katherine Johnson has passed away at the age of 101.Nasa has shared the heartbreaking news that Johnson, who was portrayed by Taraji P.Henson in the film Hidden Figures, died on Monday morning, Feb.24.In a tribute to Johnson, Nasa is reflecting on her many achievements and her incredible legacy.”Nasa is deeply saddened by the loss […]

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Bill Nye Says His Appearance at Trump’s Sotu Is Not an ‘Endorsement of This Administration’

The State of the Union guest list was unveiled on Monday and many were surprised to learn that Bill Nye “the Science Guy” would be attending as the guest of a Republican congressman.Nye, an outspoken critic of climate change deniers and President Trump’s roll back of climate change regulations, will attend as the guest of […]

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