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Jeffree Star Shuts Down Those Kanye West Dating Rumors Once and For All

Jeffree Star is just as shocked by those Kanye West rumors as we all are.The beauty influencer finally revealed the truth about the viral TikTok video that claimed he was having an affair with Kanye, even though the rapper remains married to Kim Kardashian.  On Thursday, Jan.7, Jeffree posted a tell-all YouTube video, “Addressing The Kanye Situation,” in […]

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Jeffree Star’s Ex-Boyfriend Denies Robbing Him of Designer Goods

Jeffree Star accused live-in boyfriend, Andre Marhold, of robbing him of designer handbags in a new Instagram video.The YouTube star claimed in since-deleted videos on his Instagram Story that over a week ago he learned Marhold had “presented a whole different person than who this man really was.” As he put it, Marhold “played” him and had “no […]

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Jeffree Star Claps Back at Claims He’s Paying His New Boyfriend to Date Him

Let the record show that Jeffree Star is not paying his boyfriend to date him.The YouTuber made things Instagram official with a mystery man on Monday, which landed his name on Twitter’s trending page within minutes. Many of the tweets were focused on his past controversies, but some of them questioned whether Jeffree’s new boo is benefitting financially […]

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Jeffree Star Breaks Silence on YouTube Drama With Apology to James Charles

In his words, Jeffree Star is “doing what’s right.” That’s what the YouTube star titled his latest upload on Saturday following nearly a month-long absence from his famous channel, which has more than 17 million subscribers.In the video, the robe-clad beauty influencer sat on a couch as he addressed the ongoing saga involving fellow YouTube personalities Tati Westbrook, Shane […]

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James Charles Speaks Out Amid Tati Westbrook and Shane Dawson Drama

James Charles is staying out of it.  It was just over a week ago that beauty guru Tati Westbrook broke her YouTube silence after nearly two months to speak publicly about her side of the story involving her 2019 drama with Charles and fellow YouTube influencers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star.In the video, aptly titled “Breaking My Silence …,” Westbrook walked […]

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Tati Westbrook Claims Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Fed Her “Poisonous Lies” About James Charles

Tati Westbrook dropped an explosive video this Tuesday detailing the events that led her to post the consequential video “Bye, Sister” about James Charles.Over a year has passed since the beauty vlogger’s “Bye, Sister” video ignited an unprecedented feud in the YouTube community.Since then, individuals who played varying roles in the controversy have come forward to share […]

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Jeffree Star Speaks Out After “Offensive” and “Derogatory” Website Resurfaces

Jeffree Star has issued a lengthy statement in response to a recently resurfaced website.  On Thursday, the YouTuber explained on Twitter that he made a website splash page around 2004-2006, which featured photos of himself self-harming.He admitted that he included a “Very graphic photo of me cutting and bleeding,” with the caption “coming soon,” as he intended […]

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Beauty YouTuber Kameron Lester Says Jeffree Star Treated Him Like the “Token Black Kid”

Beauty YouTube star Kameron Lester is sharing his story.The 23-year-old makeup artist and influencer recently opened up about his experiences with Jeffree Star, and how he felt “manipulated,” like the “token Black kid” and “uncomfortable” in certain situations.In addition to cutting ties with Jeffree, Kameron also explained why he will “no longer support Jeffree Star Cosmetics or Shane Dawson.” […]

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