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Natalie Portman Says “Being Sexualized as a Child” Made Her Feel “Afraid” and Unsafe

Natalie Portman is opening up about the heartbreaking way that she was affected by acting roles from her earlier years.The actress was a guest on the Armchair Expert podcast on Monday, Dec.7, where she told host Dax Shepard that playing sexualized characters at the start of her career had an insidious impact on her.  Portman, […]

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Dax Shepard Shares Fear of Making Mistakes With His Daughters In Conversation With Hillary Clinton

In her 2016 concession speech, Hillary Clinton famously told “all the little girls” watching to “never doubt that you are valuable, powerful and deserving of every opportunity in the world.” Clearly, Dax Shepard was moved, so now he’s turning to the former presidential nominee for advice on how to raise his own little girls—7-year-old Lincoln […]

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Why Hasan Minhaj’s Resurfaced Comments About Dax Shepard’s Appearance Are Going Viral

It may have started out with a classic question: “Who’s hotter?” But an old interview with Hasan Minhaj is going viral because of his enlightened response.  Back in December 2019, Vanity Fair interviewed Hasan and asked if the comedian was bothered that Dax Shepard rated him a nine out of 10.”No, I think that he was going way too high,” Hasan responded.The […]

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Halsey Says Mac Miller’s Death Gave Her the “Courage” to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship

Halsey is revealing the “heinously tragic event” that gave her the strength to leave an unhealthy relationship.In a discussion with Armchair Expert podcast host Dax Shepard, the singer says that Mac Miller’s accidental overdose in September 2018 was a “turning point” in her life.”This is a terrible thing to say because I think it puts a positive connotation […]

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Kristen Bell Reveals the Real Reason Why She Won’t Show Her Kids’ Faces on Social Media

When it comes to their daughters, there’s a limit to just how much Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard will share with the world.While the superstars have become known for detailing their heartfelt—and hilarious—family moments online, they’ve also learned where to draw the line.As fans may recall, Bell, 40, and Shepard, 45—who are parents to Lincoln, […]

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Dax Shepard and Monica Padman–By Dax Shepard and Monica Padman

Our favorite celebrities may be open books, living their lives for all the world to see, but even they like to keep a few secrets.Until now.Welcome to E! News’ 10 Things, where the stars themselves spill the goods just for you.You may think you know all there is to know about Dax Shepard.After all, he and […]

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Kristen Bell Speaks Out About Husband Dax Shepard’s Relapse in Heartfelt Message

Kristen Bell is showing her support for Dax Shepard.As fans may know, the Armchair Expert host recently opened up about relapsing after 16 years of sobriety.Now, Bell is giving an update on her husband’s health in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres.”He is actually doing really great,” the Good Place actress shared.”I mean look, you know, […]

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Share the One Change That Made a “Huge Impact” On Their Family Life

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard shared how they’re connecting as a family, two weeks after Shepard opened up about his opioid relapse.  At marketing summit Advertising Week 2020, the couple revealed that they’re implementing daily gratitude practices with their kids, 5-year-old Delta and 7-year-old Lincoln.”Dax has suggested a couple times, ‘Let’s just name three things we’re grateful for,'” Bell said […]

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Dax Shepard Explains Why He’s Honest About His Past Drug Use

According to Dax Shepard, honest is the best policy.  Throughout his career, the 45-year-old actor has been open and honest about his marriage to Kristen Bell, parenting two daughters and working in Hollywood.And in recent weeks, Dax has continued to keep it real in regards to his sobriety journey.In the Oct.6 podcast episode of Inside of […]

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