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Why Henry Golding Never Wants to Be as Famous as Brad Pitt

Henry Golding is the definition of an overnight sensation.For his first film role ever, the 31-year-old travel host booked the lead in Warner Bros.’ Crazy Rich Asians; the movie has earned a whopping $235.9 million since it was released in August, turning Golding into an international sensation.A month later, A Simple Favor hit theaters.In that […]

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Getting Ghosted? Ryan Reynolds Jokes That Blake Lively Is Having a Supernatural Affair

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s relationship is the gift that keeps on giving.They always look madly in love when they’re on a red carpet or out and about, but one of the best things about their relationship is their entertaining interactions on social media.On Thursday, we were presented with yet another hilarious tweet from Ryan […]

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Ryan Reynolds Jokes Blake Lively Is Cheating on Him…With a Ghost

Ryan Reynolds is back lovingly trolling his wife Blake Lively online.On Thursday, the actor responded on Twitter to a tweet by the New York Post linking to its story about a British woman who claims she had sex with 20 ghosts and is now engaged to a spirit.She bears somewhat of a resemblance to Lively.”This is how I find […]

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Ryan Reynolds Brings The Sarcasm After Blake Lively Posts Racy Photo Of Herself With Naked Man

Ryan Reynolds continues to entertain his and Blake Lively‘s fans with his witty and sarcastic comments.On Friday, the “Simple Favor” star shared a promo shot of herself being straddled by a naked Thomas “The Boxer” Canestraro holding her character, Emily’s, signature martini.While he has his legs up in the air, Lively, wearing a navy suit […]

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How to Dress Like Blake Lively on a Budget

Blake Lively’s recent wardrobe is next level.In honor of her newest film, A Simple Favor (in theaters now), the actress has used her promo tour as an opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of suiting.Three-piece suits, tuxedo dresses, pinstripe pieces, ties, bow ties—she’s single-handily redefining the way we look at menswear.Based on her epic style, it’s […]

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16 Sweet Facts About Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Relationship

They’re silly, they’re loving, they’re gorgeous – really, what’s not to love about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds? The couple is one of the most adored in Hollywood, and whether they’re on the red carpet or joking with each other on social media, fans can’t help but collectively “aww” or claim “relationship goals” with just […]

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She’s Taller Than Most of Her Costars, but Exactly How Tall Is Blake Lively?

Blake Lively has been busy promoting her newest movie A Simple Favor, and we couldn’t help but notice just how much taller she is than her costar Anna Kendrick, who stands at 5’2″.This isn’t the first time Blake has towered over her fellow actors.Even back when she was Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, […]

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Blake Lively Calls Out “Double Standards” After Her Suits Become a Punch Line

Blake Lively is no fan of a double standard.  The Simple Favor star has been sporting an array of stylish suits as she continues the press tour for the mystery thriller around the world.However, she wasn’t so keen on how one fashion blogger described her look for the United Kingdom premiere earlier this week on social media.  […]

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Robert Redford Regrets Publicizing His Retirement: ‘I Should Just Slip Quietly Away’

Robert Redford said he would retire from acting but now he isn’t so sure.The Oscar winner told Variety he never should have announced “The Old Man & the Gun” would be his last film.Related: How Blake Lively’s ‘Life Goal’ Involves Robert Redford “That was a mistake.I should never have said that,” Redford said at theRead […]

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