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Amanda Gorman Describes the “Reality of Black Girls” After Being Followed Home

Amanda Gorman recently experienced the unfortunate “reality” of how many Black Americans are treated.Just two months ago, Amanda became an icon after reading her powerful poem at the 2021 President Inauguration, wearing jewelry that Oprah Winfrey gifted to her.She was interviewed by Michelle Obama for Time magazine.She signed a modeling contract with Img Models.She is publishing three books this year, including a picture […]

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After Inauguration Poem, Amanda Gorman Receiving “Avalanche of Offers”

Amanda Gorman’s inauguration appearance and the global attention it received — some characterized the 22-year-old poet as an American treasure and fashion icon — has resulted in an “avalanche of offers,” per an industry source familiar with such deals.The opportunities are said to cover a range of categories from fashion and beauty to digital and […]

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Cheat Sheet: All The Ways Aaron Rodgers Hinted At Shailene Woodley During Engagement Announcement

In the words of our fearless leader and life coach Eric Taylor, “There are more important things than football.” With that in mind, we’re not going to bore you with a recap of Super Bowl Lv.We won’t remind you that Amanda Gorman and Als interpreter Warren Snipe took home the titles of Mvp before the game […]

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Get a Rise Out of These Tasty Great British Baking Show Secrets

In case you had any doubts about just how important The Great British Baking Show has become to the health of the nation’s psyche, rest assured.National youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman, the rising star in the world of letters who’s been credited with no less than reviving America’s collective spirit thanks to the poem she read at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, spent […]

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