Selena Gomez Serves Up a Master Class in Colorful Dressing While Filming New Show

If you happened to cross paths with Selena Gomez  Monday on the New York City streets, we bet you did a double take.  Of course, on a normal day, it would be hard not to notice the 28-year-old if you just happened to walk by her in the Big Apple.

And even more so on Monday, Dec.

7 when the actress was photographed sporting a particularly colorful ensemble: plaid pants paired with a vibrant marigold sweater layered under a cropped orange fur bomber jacket.

To complete the look, the performer accessorized with sunglasses, a pair of bright headphones, lace-up boots, an over-the-shoulder purse and a coordinating yellow hat.  Needless to say, she was a stylish ray of sunshine outside in...

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