Playboy Posters: The Varieties of Hot Prints for Sale

Brande Roderick Playboy Poster

Playboy is a men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine. It was created in Chicago in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and his companions. The first magazine was published in December 1953. The magazine became famous thanks to the photos of nude or almost nude models and quickly became one of the most recognizable brands around the world, turning into Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

Playboy posters and the ones, featuring its models, are very popular. Moreover, the selection of such prints is really huge and they are available in various sizes, finishes and styles from vintage to celebrity posters.

Let’s consider them in more details and, at the same time, disclose some facts about the Playboy magazine and brand.

Vintage Playboy Posters

A Marilyn Monroe Vintage Poster

A Marilyn Monroe Vintage Poster

The first model, who was featured at the magazine’s centerfold, was Marilyn Monroe. She posed absolutely nude on the red velvet background. The Monroe’s nudity played into the hands of Hugh Heffner and the magazine was a success with the first edition sold out in weeks. However, the best-selling edition of the magazine was the one with Pam Rawlings on the cover, published in 1972.

Throughout its history, Playboy covers and inner pages has featured many other legendary women, including Jayne Mansfield, Mara Corday, Ursula Andress, Carol Lynley and others.

Though the original posters of these icons are rare and are sold at high prices, it’s now possible to get those images. The scanned photos may be turned into nice posters at rather affordable prices. For example, it’s possible to order a Marilyn Monroe Playboy poster, which was in the first edition of the magazine.

Moreover, there are many retro photos of legendary Playboy models, which weren’t issued in the magazine. Each of them can be also printed in huge vintage Playboy poster formats.

Playboy Movie Posters

The Girls Next Door Movie Poster

The Girls Next Door Movie Poster

Playboy name isn’t just associated with a magazine. There are several movies and TV-series about the life of the Playboy “bunnies”. The posters to these movies and shows are for sale. Some examples of the TV projects of Playboy are described below.

Reality show “The Girls Next Door” had 6 seasons and 91 episodes. The series shows the life of girls at the Playboy Mansion. It’s the most successful project of the brand. It was followed by such spin-offs as “Kendra”, “Kendra on Top” (both about Kendra Baskett), “Bridget's Sexiest Beaches” (starring Bridget Marquardt) and “Holly's World” (starring Holly Madison).

TV series “The Playboy Club” wasn’t very popular among the wide public. After three episodes were released in 2011, the project was stopped despite the fact that 7 episodes had been shot at that moment. It was set in 1961 and told about the life of the employees of the Playboy Club in Chicago.

Playboy has appeared in other movies in different forms, from the magazine itself to the famous images of bunnies. For example, it was mentioned in such movies as “Legally Blonde” (Reese Witherspoon in a bunny costume), “House Bunny”, “Howard the Duck”, “Weird Science”, “The Ladies Man”, “Adventures in Babysitting” and “Miss March”.

Playboy Cover Posters

A Vida Guerra Photo for the Playboy Cover

A Vida Guerra Photo for the Playboy Cover

The Playboy covers are usually very attractive, even if they don’t feature a nude model. The magazine isn’t just focused on sex and nude pictures, it has a number of other topics discussed and a cover demonstrates that. Now, any cover of the magazine may be turned into a Playboy poster.

There are dozens of the Playboy covers, which became notable. Among them is, of course, the first cover, featuring Marilyn Monroe. The other famous covers are October 1971 with Darine Stern (The First African American on a Playboy Cover), April 2005 with Carmen Electra, November 2009 with Marge Simpson, July 2006 with Vida Guerra, January 2007 with Pamela Anderson and February 1994 with Anna Nicole Smith.

Throughout the magazine history, there also were some controversial covers, which arouse many talks and critical reviews. Among the most controversial covers are March 2006, featuring Jessica Alba, whose photo was taken without her approval from a poster to her movie; September 1996 with the snaps taken of a topless Uma Thurman at the beach; and June 1962, which contained an interesting visual trick.

Playboy Playmate Posters

A Jennifer Walcott Playboy Poster

A Jennifer Walcott Playboy Poster

Before discussing the playboy playmate posters and photos, let’s first see the meaning of this word. A playmate is a female model, whose photo is located in the centerfold of Playboy magazine, called Playmate of the Month.

The pictorial of the Playmate of the Month includes her nude photos, a centerfold poster, a pictorial biography and Data Sheet, containing the information about the model’s birthdate, measurements, turn-ons and turn-offs. In the end of each year, the Playmate of the Year is chosen.

Though Marilyn Monroe was the first one to appear in the Playboy centerfold, she wasn’t called a playmate. She was “Sweetheart of the Month”. The first “official” playmate was Margie Harrison, whose photo appeared in the magazine in January 1954.

The posters with playmates are present in all Playboy magazines. However, if you missed something, it’s possible to find the poster you need separately. Moreover, many poster stores will also offer you a great number of other photos of the playmates.

The most famous playmates of the Playboy centerfold are Pamela Anderson, Jayne Mansfield, Bettie Page, Anna Nicole Smith, Jennifer Walcott, Brande Roderick and Carmella DeCesare.

Playboy Pin Up Posters

A Jayne Mansfield Pin-Up Poster

A Jayne Mansfield Pin-Up Poster

Pin-up styled images have frequently appeared on the pages of the legendary magazine. The term “pin-up” refers to drawings, paintings, and other illustrations as well as photos. In 1960s-1970s, many Playboy pin-up works of art were provided by Alberto Vargas, a talented Peruvian painter of pin-up girls. Later, more photo works appeared in the magazine.

The most famous pin-up models, which appeared on the pages of Playboy, are Bettie Page, Bunny Yeager, Zoe Mozert, Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Diana Dors, Jayne Mansfield and, of course, Marilyn Monroe. We are sure that modern pin-up would be nothing without these legendary females, who made the genre popular.

However, the pin-up images didn’t remain in the past. In 1994, Pamela Anderson was featured in the magazine, wearing blue jean shorts and top with a cowboy hat and boots. The photo was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Playboy.

Moreover, many celebrities continue to make photoshoots in pin-up genre either for Playboy or independently. One of the best modern representatives of this genre is burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese.

A Dita Von Teese poster

A Dita Von Teese poster

Playboy Bunny Posters

A Playboy Bunnies Poster

A Playboy Bunnies Poster

Initially, Playboy Bunnies were the waitresses at the Playboy Clubs, which were open from 1960 to 1988. Their traditional clothes are a “bunny suit”, consisting of a strapless corset teddy, bunny ears, black pantyhose, a collar, cuffs and a fluffy cottontail.

Now, there are no Playboy Clubs, but the image of a Playboy Bunny is still very popular. The girls at the Heffner’s Mansion are associated with it and, of course, many other girls have tried the similar costumes on, usually for various thematic parties or Halloween.

A Playboy bunny poster looks sexy, but, at the same time, doesn’t feature a nude model. It holds a bit of intrigue and that’s why, many people like such prints.

Playboy Nude Posters

A Nude Naomi Campbell Poster

A Nude Naomi Campbell Poster

In 2015, it became known that Playboy would stop to feature the pictures of fully nude women on its pages. The magazine will still feature a Playmate of the Month and photos of women, but they will be less provocative. This news upset many magazine fans around the world but such is their decision.

However, there are so many pictures that have already been featured in this magazine that everyone, who wants to get them, has rather a great choice. Many nude playboy posters are available for sale at online poster stores and it’s a fact that the selection on the net is much greater than at ordinary shops.

Mafia Playboy Posters

A Pamela Anderson Playboy Poster

A Pamela Anderson Playboy Poster

The gamers know that not only movies creators have been inspired by Playboy, but also Mafia series of games creators. Each game contains a quest, in which players need to gather Playboy magazines.

For example, Mafia 2 game contains fifty magazines, which need to be found by the players during the events of one of the game's fifteen chapters. All the magazines’ covers feature the models, who posed for Playboy from 1958 to 1969. A small hint as to what chapters contain the magazines is presented below:

  • Chapter One - No Playboy Magazines
  • Chapter Two - Two magazines.
  • Chapter Three - Five magazines.
  • Chapter Four - Four magazines.
  • Chapter Five - Three magazines.
  • Chapter Six - Three magazines.
  • Chapter Seven - Four magazines.
  • Chapter Eight - Three magazines.
  • Chapter Nine - Four magazines.
  • Chapter Ten - Four magazines.
  • Chapter Eleven - Five magazines.
  • Chapter Twelve - Three magazines.
  • Chapter Thirteen - Three magazines.
  • Chapter Fourteen - Three magazines.
  • Chapter Fifteen - Four magazines.

The poster of almost each model, the image of whom is used in the game, can be created specifically for you. If you have custom images of those magazines, you are free to upload them and order a poster. Or, some of them are already ready for ordering at online poster stores.

Playboy Celebrities Posters

A Brooke Burke Poster

A Brooke Burke Poster

Movie icons, TV stars, athletes, supermodels are known by fans with their clothes on and many fans dream about seeing them without it. Playboy started to make those dreams true. By placing the nude photo of Marilyn Monroe, the magazine attracted much attention and continued to use the trick with hot celebrity prints for future editions.

Many celebrities have appeared on the covers and pages of Playboy magazine since its creation. The stars don’t always pose nude. Many magazines feature their portraits or the photos, where they wear clothes. Many of photos, used for Playboy magazine, are available as Playboy magazine posters now.

Among the celebrities, who appeared in Playboy are actresses Kim Basinger, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba and Sharon Stone; singers Nancy Sinatra, Samantha Fox, Belinda Carlisle and Madonna; models Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell; TV personalities Shannen Doherty, Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Burke and Susie Feldman.

Moreover, not only female celebrities appear on the covers of Playboy. There are some famous men, who have been featured on the magazine’s covers. Among them are Bruno Mars, Steve Martin, Leslie Nielsen, Seth Rogen and, even, Donald Trump.

So, you see that Playboy posters are more than just the images of nude or semi-nude models. Some of them create the history of the magazine, the others became extremely popular and make many models famous around the world.

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