Molly Sims Shares Behind-the-Scenes Memories From Las Vegas Ahead of E! Marathon

Get the Las Vegas experience without leaving your home! Today, Molly Sims virtually stopped by Daily Pop and reflected on her days filming Las Vegas with Josh Duhamel and James Caan.

While Sims said she hasn't re-watched the whole series, which ran for five seasons on NBC, she assured viewers that she's still close with her co-stars.

"You know, we had such a good time.

I'm still close with Josh and James," Sims shared with E!'s Morgan Stewart.

"It seems, honestly, like it was yesterday and it ended almost 10 years ago." On footage she has seen since wrapping the show, the model and actress declared, "Oh my gosh, we look so young!" As for some behind-the-scenes...

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