MLB Star Cole Tucker Might’ve Manifested His New Romance With Vanessa Hudgens Back in 2012

Who says manifestations have a time limit? After all, Cole Tucker may have been on to something.  After photos surfaced of the MLB outfielder on a date with Vanessa Hudgens, fans did a deep dive and discovered he may have predicted their romance all along.

  As the 24-year-old tweeted in January 2012, "In search of: A girl who's down to watch High School Musical with me and scratch my back." Well, maybe wishes do come true.

After all, Vanessa played Gabriella Montez in the beloved Disney franchise.

And perhaps the only thing better than a girl who's down to watch HSM, is a girl who starred in HSM.

On Nov.

22, paparazzi spotted the couple at Pace in Laurel...

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