Miley Cyrus Gets Support From Madonna and More Stars After Bombshell Statement

Members of Miley Cyrus' star-studded inner circle are standing in her corner.  After the 26-year-old singer issued a lengthy statement denying reports that her and Liam Hemsworth's marriage ended over her relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, celebrities including MadonnaBella Thorne and Shailene Woodley applauded Miley for speaking up.  "Thank God!!" Madonna, who in the past has performed with Cyrus, commented on the Instagram post.

"You are human! A woman has lived.

No need to apologize!!"  Thorne added, "I love this.

So much from the heart.

Takes a lot to say.

I love every version of [you.] Perfection is imperfect and that's a...

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