Michael Scott No More! Space Force Trailer Introduces Steve Carell’s Mark Naird

Steve Carell is back with Space Force, a new Netflix comedy he co-created with The Office creator Greg Daniels, and it all happened in such an unusual way according to the Oscar nominee.

The new series follows Carell as Mark R.

Naird, a decorated pilot with dreams of heading up the Air Force, but those dreams are dashed when he finds himself selected to lead the newly created sixth branch of the Us Armed Forces: Space Force.

Mark moves his family to Colorado where he and a team of scientists and Spacemen are tasked by the White House to get Americans up into the cosmos once again.

John Malkovich, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome and Ben Schwartz also star alongside Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy O.

Yang, Noah Emmerich, Alex...

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