Jon Hamm Reveals the A-List Celeb Who Apologized to Him for Never Watching Mad Men

Sometimes a "sorry" goes a long way.

During the Wednesday, Dec.

9 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm shared the story of Andy Samberg apologizing for not watching Mad Men, which went off the air in 2015.

"The first time I hosted 'SNL,' they all dressed up in Mad Men gear, like everybody," the star began.

"And I was like Samberg kind of half-assed it.

I was, 'What are you—who are you?' Like, you just put a tie on? What's the deal? Everybody else—Like, Paula Pell taped a cigarette to her thing and was in, like, a little pencil skirt." He also noted that Bill Hader "was in drag as Joan.

Like everybody else was sort of...

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