Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers Honor Regis Philbin in Moving Tributes

TV stars are mourning the death of Regis Philbin.

Several late-night hosts paid tribute to the talk and game show legend just days after Philbin passed away.

Jimmy Fallon, for instance, honored Philbin on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show.

He spoke about how Philbin got his start in the entertainment industry by working as an NBC page for The Tonight Show in 1955.

He then said Philbin got his "big break" in 1967 when he "became famous as the sidekick on The Joey Bishop Show." "He could do everything," Fallon said.

"He could sing.

He was funny—he was really funny.

He was an entertainer.

He always was game to do a bit or dress up.

He would do anything for a laugh.


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