Jessalynn Siwa’s Judgment on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution Leaves “Disappointed” Rapper in Tears

A triple threat talent is hard to find.  During an exclusive sneak peek at Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, airing Tuesday, Nov.

30, Jessalynn Siwa makes a tough decision about which contestants will land singing parts in the competition.  "I am biased, because she's like my star in the dance," Jess explains of frontrunner Kiya, whom the vocal coach pointed out had some flaws in the recording studio.

Jess tears up while trying to figure out which girls will get their big break.  "Alright, here's the situation," Jess later tells the team.

"This was tough.

It was as hard as like an elimination.

So let's get to the exciting part: The first verse is...

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