Injury Reserve Rapper Jordan Groggs Dead at 32

Jordan Groggs, a member of Arizona hip hop group Injury Reserve, has passed away at the age of 32.

The artist, who performed under the name Stepa J.

Groggs, died on Monday, June 29, according to a tribute post on Injury Reserve's social media.

"Rest In Power Jordan Alexander Groggs a loving father, life partner and friend," the message on the Injury Reserve Twitter account read, adding the dates of his birth and death, "(6/1/1988-6/29/2020)." A cause of death was not shared at the time.

Groggs had just turned 32 one month ago.

A GoFundMe has been launched in honor of Groggs, which will support his family and services.

"Groggs's heart has touched everyone he has came...

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