In Case You’re Too Afraid to Ask, Here’s What a Royal Patronage Is

A Jack Russell pup called Minnie that no one wanted is now settling into a new forever-home after Meghan Markle gave her a cuddle for the cameras.

Meghan was at The Mayhew Animal Home because she's just become its patron, and her visit showed that the very historic royal tradition of patronages remains a powerful tool in the 21st century.Confused as to what a patronage is? The official webpage for the royal family defines the custom as a member lending their name to an organization or charity and offering support, either for life or for a specific campaign or time frame.

The tradition dates all the way back to King George II in the 18th century! Support allows organizations to add their royal backer's name to their website or letterheads and if often involves visits, which bring much-needed publicity to those who are chosen for a patronage.

Meghan's four

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