How Kylie Jenner Made an Impact on Jordyn Woods’ Makeup Routine

Kylie Jenner has had a major impact on her Bff Jordyn Woods.

"When I met Kylie, I was a tomboy," Jordyn told E! News.

"I didn't wear any makeup.

I didn't wear hair extensions or anything.

I saw [the Kardashian sisters] do it.

And over time after watching Kylie put on makeup, I learned how to do it myself.

Now, I really only trust myself to do my makeup." If you glance through the Life of Kylie star's Instagram, it's clear that she's very good at doing her makeup.

It's soft, subtle and focused on enhancing her natural features.

In fact, she often opts out of foundation because she takes good care of her skin.  At the launch of Kate Somerville's Retinol Vita C...

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