Hannah Brown’s Fun Facts Will Make You Feel Better About Your Quarantine Brows

Hannah Brown is here to make us all feel better about our acne and overgrown brows.  The Bachelorette star shared 10 fun facts about herself on YouTube on Wednesday, Sept.

30, and it turns out the beauty queen has had a major glow up that's all too relatable.  Unexpectedly, Hannah said she has a unibrow that she waxes all the time.

She discovered the feature in third grade at the hands of a classmate.

"I will never forget the day that this boy Dylan in my class pointed it out to me," Hannah said.

"I definitely had a unibrow and I came home and I was so upset.

I started waxing the middle of my eyebrows in third grade." The 26-year-old joked, "These suckers grow back in...

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