Guillermo del Toro Holds Masterclass, Opens Theater, Announces Scholarship at Guadalajara

Guadalajara — The excitement surrounding Guillermo del Toro’s presence at Mexico’s Guadalajara Film Festival reached fever pitch by the end of last week, and manifested itself as a rousing standing ovation when the director made his first appearance at this year’s 33rd edition of the Guadalajara Film Festival.It had long been planned that the director would come back to his home town to open a theater in his name and give a masterclass.

That was before the genial Mexican won best director and best picture at last Sunday’s Academy Awards.Spots for Saturday’s scheduled masterclass filled immediately when an astounding 30,000 requests for entry were made in the first half hour.

In typical selfless fashion, del Toro offered to host another, and when that one filled, he volunteered for a third.

All free of charge, and open to the public, including at least one class to

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