Francia Raisa Says She and Selena Gomez ”Went Through a Depression” After Kidney Transplant

Last year, Francia Raisa made a decision not everyone would make: to give her kidney to her best friend, popstar Selena Gomez." But what the actress didn't know when she made that life-changing decision was how tough the recovery road would be for both...

In a new and candid video for Self's Body Stories, the Grown-ish star said, "It's not a secret.

Last year, I had a surgery with one of my best friends, Selena Gomez.

I gave my kidney to her." And while the decision has garnered the star a lot of positive press, good vibes and pretty much brownie points for life, the 29-year-old actress said the recovery process post-surgery was "hard"—a lot harder than she thought it would be...

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