Even Stevens’ Christy Carlson Romano Impersonates Shia Labeouf in Video You Have to See to Believe

Christy Carlson Romano is smashing any beef with Shia Labeouf with…literal beef.

The actress impersonated her Even Stevens co-star in a new episode of her comedy cooking series, Celebrity Kitchen, out on YouTube on Tuesday, Sept.


For the 12-minute video, she dressed as Labeouf with a goatee and blue hoodie worn under a red hibiscus Hawaiian print shirt.

She decided to make "Côte de Shia Labeouf" as a take on the French rib steak dish, côte de boeuf, while poking fun at Labeouf's method acting.

She joked that when Labeouf was cast in Peanut Butter Falcon, "I really wanted to immerse myself in the character," adding, "I was so excited that I...

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