Celebrity Posters: Beautiful and Useful Prints for Wall Decoration

Celebrity Posters

We have got accustomed that celebrity posters are the prints, which are used by teenagers as their room decorations. However, it’s just a prejudice. The celebrity posters are normally used by adults regardless of their occupation and way of life.

If you like a certain actor or singer, there is nothing bad or shameful in placing the poster of your idol in your home. And it’s not necessary to place the print in your room only. It can look cool in the living room or entryway, especially if you place it in a frame, which suits your interior décor style. Unframed posters look good in contemporary designs.

But, posters of celebrities aren’t used at homes only. For example, they can be used at cafes, bars or restaurants. As a rule, they are thematic cafes and hotels. For example, the posters of rock singers are placed at rock-styled cafes and the posters with actors and actresses can become a cool decoration for hotels, designed in the movie thematic.

Moreover, a celebrity poster is a wonderful present for a friend, colleague or relative. If you know that your friend is fond of, for instance, Rihanna, present a huge 24x36 poster, featuring her photo, to a friend. He or she will definitely appreciate your attention and care.

The notion of a celebrity includes many types of professions, but the majority of celebrity posters for sale are the ones of singers, actors/actresses, athletes and models. Let’s see in more details.

Singers Prints

A Taylor Swift Poster

A Taylor Swift Poster

The majority of us can’t imagine our life without music. It accompanies us everywhere: at home, on the way to work or college, during the work, at various events etc. Every person has his or her personal tastes as to the music style and has a unique list of favorite singers and favorite songs.

If you are a fan of a certain singer, you are free to decorate the wall of your room with the poster of your idol. Don’t think that only kids and teenagers do that. Though the majority of such prints are met at teenagers’ rooms, every adult can place them and there will be nothing extraordinary.

You can make the print of a famous singer an integral part of your décor by choosing the poster, which suits the style of your dwelling. For example, if you have black and white stylistics, choose the poster in the same color scheme. It’s also good if the poster’s background is well-combined with the color of walls.

Moreover, the prints of your idols may not only decorate the walls, they may inspire you for self-development, especially if you are a starting musician or singer.

Posters of Actors/Actresses

A Bradley Cooper Poster

A Bradley Cooper Poster

All celebrities, including actors and actresses, take part in various kinds of photoshoots and projects. As a rule, posters, featuring such photos, are among the most frequently bought. They are of high-quality, look great and are all-sufficient pieces of art. You will definitely find a great number of such prints of your favorite actress or actor.

You may take not just a photo from a certain photoshoot, but, for example, the one of a movie, where your idol plays. Movie posters are a very stylish addition to the room interior. Moreover, such prints can be used for the decoration of hotels, cafes, bars, which are designed in cinema and movie theme.

The photos of actors and actresses, taken during interviews or movies shooting can be used as well. Such prints show your idol as an ordinary person and make him or her closer to you. Moreover, paparazzi photos can be also used for printing.

Models Posters

A Miranda Kerr Poster

A Miranda Kerr Poster

The posters of models are also very popular. The photos of both male and female models aren’t just used by their fans. They frequently decorate the walls of dwellings, public places and offices. Such prints don’t just serve to showcase the beautiful people on them but may have a number of other aims.

Models take part in photoshoots for various purposes. It can be advertising and promotion of a certain product or service, photoshoots for magazines as well as thematic ones. Thus, you may use a model poster for a certain aim. For example, the photo of a model in the Christmas theme may be used as a background for Christmas congratulations.

Or, if you are a fan of a certain model, for example of Miranda Kerr, you can take her photo and make a huge poster of it just to enhance the space in your room and enjoy her beauty.

Prints of Sportsmen

A David Beckham Poster

A David Beckham Poster

The sportsmen prints motivate. It’s not strange that the sports-addicted people place photos of their favorite athletes. By looking at their photos, one starts to dream about reaching the same level of mastership and gets inspired to take some steps on the way to his or her dream.

The fitness posters, featuring famous bodybuilders (for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger) are great decoration ideas for gyms, both home and public. Such prints demonstrate what results one can reach if he or she works hard at trainings.

And, of course, there are many athletes, who aren’t just cool professionals but also look nice and hot. For example, the posters of David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo are extremely popular not only because of their great soccer skills but also because they are handsome men.

Posters of Other Celebrities

The posters of businessmen, politicians, social activists and other famous people are also used for various aims. First, if you consider someone to be very successful and want to follow his or her steps, the poster of the person you’d like to follow may serve as an additional motivational tool.

Secondly, the photos of politicians, especially presidents, are used at many institutions. For example, the images of famous historical personages are used at educational establishments for history lessons. The ones with their quotes are inspirational posters for homes and offices.

Thirdly, the printed photos of successful entrepreneurs may be used for various business trainings, conferences and seminars.

Black and White Celebrity Posters

A Black and White Chris Hemsworth Poster

A Black and White Chris Hemsworth Poster

Black and white celebrity photos aren’t so bright and vivid as colorful prints, but, at the same time, they look really amazing. They are ideal for black and white décor and can be a nice addition to the room, designed in any color. Such prints are universal.

If you can’t find a black and white photo of your favorite celebrity, don’t get upset. It’s not a problem at all. Any colorful print may be printed as black and white if you ask the printing company about it. Or, you can change the colors of the photo yourself (if you have the original image) and order a custom print.

Besides black and white, you may also order a poster with sepia effect. It’s great if your interior is done in warm colors or has some retro details.

Vintage Celebrity Posters

A Vintage Marilyn Monroe Poster

A Vintage Marilyn Monroe Poster

Vintage posters are very popular now. They can be either old or absolutely new ones. It’s rather hard to find the original retro posters and the prices for them can be very high. That’s why, it’s more widespread to order new prints with vintage effects.

You may hang a poster of a celebrity, who became an icon. For example, there are many photos of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn available for printing and almost all of them are with vintage effects as, in fact, these photos were taken many years ago by ordinary camera and were scanned later.

If you want a vintage poster of a modern celebrity, they are also available. Even if you fail to find it, you can create it yourself with the help of Photoshop or any other similar program. Any photo and any image may be artificially aged.

Funny Celebrity Posters

A Funny Leonardo DiCaprio Poster

A Funny Leonardo DiCaprio Poster

Sometimes, the celebs can be very funny on photos. It can be done on purpose for a certain photoshoot. Or, there can be absolutely occasional photos, which may be taken even without their privity. Such photos are frequently made at concerts, during movies shooting, interviews or public appearances.

The funny celebrity posters may be used for home décor as a tool to raise the mood with the help of the positive energy, provided by your idol. They can be used in other places as well. For example, a photo of a celebrity, who smiles broadly and shows off the ideal teeth, can serve as a decoration for a dentist’s office.

Celebrity Magazine Covers Posters

A Johnny Depp Poster

A Johnny Depp Poster

Celebrities posters aren’t only made of simple photos, they may feature the magazine covers as well. Sometimes, a magazine may have such a cool cover that one may want to have it as a decorative element at his or her home. Depending on the theme and the celebrity featured, such posters may be used not only at homes but also at offices (if it’s a business journal, for instance).

The magazine covers posters with celebrities can be also used for the educational purposes. The future journalists may consider them as examples of how to arrange the most important part of a magazine. Moreover, the covers prints may be used as decorations for editorial offices.

Sexy Celebrity Posters

A Sofia Vergara Sexy Poster

A Sofia Vergara Sexy Poster

Hot celebrity posters are also very popular. Both male and female celebrities, photographed nude or wearing little clothes, are well bought. However, the choice of hot girls’ prints is much bigger at the moment. People like to see famous personalities different and that explains the popularity of sexy prints.

The sexy photos of celebs aren’t always vulgar. Very often, such prints look very nice and creative and so, may be used as wall art. There are even artistic prints, for which the celebrities pose nude.

So, you see that the decoration of walls with celebrity posters isn’t just the thing which teenagers do. The posters don’t only decorate; they may also motivate us and inspire to work harder for reaching our goals. Moreover, home isn’t the only place, where they can be placed. They may decorate offices, gyms, cafes and many other places.

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